Dress Requirements

In the Clubhouse Lounge & Dining Room

Clean, Smart Casual Wear is required, unless advised otherwise for matches, social functions, formal occasions, etc.

For the avoidance of doubt and to avoid any possible embarrassment to the wearer or to those seeking to ensure compliance of these requirements, the following are NOT ACCEPTABLE:

  • Sports headgear of any description
  • Cut, bleached, frayed, stained or dirty clothing, however fashionable
  • Shell Suits or tracksuits
  • Soccer and other similar logo emblazoned shirts
  • Sports shorts, i.e. those for soccer, rugby, athletics, etc, beachwear and leisurewear

On the Course, Practice Ground & Putting Green

ONLY recognised Golf Wear and Golf Shoes are ACCEPTABLE

Additional Matters

  • Bare chests and midriffs are not acceptable outside the changing rooms
  • Clothing and Shoes must not be changed in the car park
  • Mobile phones must be switched to silent in the Clubhouse Lounge and Dining Room and on the Course, Practice Ground and Putting Green