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(updated 24 November at 07:28)

Saturday 25th of May saw the next round of the Hardy A league, Came Down vs Ferndown Forest with us hosting.  The sun was shining and the wind wasn’t brutal, which was rather pleasant.  To be completely honest we didn’t see today’s match as a huge challenge for our rather amazing 2019 team, that said no one could be complacent and no match is won before the final putts are holed (sort of).


Our line up :-      Gareth “Muscles” Hughes, (with great surprise) giving, NO shots

                                Captain Ryan Ford giving, no shots

                                “Welsh Wizard” Geraint Hughes giving, 3 shots

                                Vice, Steve Wells giving, 2 shots

                                Big Hitting Ben Tyrrell giving, 1 shot

                                Similarly Big Hitting Stuart Chainey giving, 1 shot

                                Dan “The Destroyer” Whitehead giving, no shots

                                “The Reliable” Brian Hansford giving, no shots


So extremely surprising we had a close match up with handicaps, we truly thought there would be more shots given in the first few matches, perhaps this wasn’t going to be such an easy ride.

The results:-       Muscles Lost, !!!

                                Captain Ford 5-3 Winner!!!

                                Welsh Wizard 4-2 Winner!!!

                                Vice Captain 5-4 Winner!!!

                                Big Ben 6-4 Winner!!!

                                Big Stu 5-4 Winner!!!

                                The Destroyer Half!!!

                                The Reliable 7-5 WINNER!!!! (Best result)

6.5 – 1.5          Came Down Winners again


This continues our amazingly good form for 2019, still undefeated.  The TEAM continues to thrive on true team spirit.  We are all good friends and welcome others to become part of our team.

Bring on the next round, WELL DONE CHAPS, the Club is proud of all of you.

Signing off,

Steve Wells


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