Subscription Rates from 1 April 2020

Membership Subscription
Male full £ 910.47
Lady full £ 913.47
Male Country £ 466.22
Lady Country £ 469.22
Junior Under 10 Free
Junior 10 - 16 £ 45.00
Junior 17 - 18 £ 85.00
Male Colt 19 - 25 £ 279.72
Female Colt 19 - 25 £ 282.72
Intermediate 26 - 29 £ 466.22
Intermediate 30 -35 £ 555.06
Twilight £ 356.93
Play More Golf £ 350.00
International £ 199.69

The above prices are the total payable and are inclusive of all insurance and union fees.

We welcome new members of all abilities from absolute beginner to professional standard.

The Club has about 600 members including a ladies’ section, a senior’s section and juniors. We pride ourselves on the relationship we have with our members, always trying to keep them informed and looking for new ways to ensure their membership represents outstanding value for money

As a new member, you will be welcomed to the club, which has a reputation for friendliness.

We currently have vacancies in all membership categories and there is no Joining Fee! Monthly payment terms can also be arranged.

The club is open to the whole community without discrimination including those on low or modest incomes. Anyone able to demonstrate they cannot afford full membership will be entitled to join the club and participate fully at a cost of £490 per year. If you cannot afford full membership, please apply in writing to The General Manager providing information and any supporting documents that you have that demonstrate you cannot afford to pay the full membership fee. Each application will be considered on its merits. We may ask you for further information or documents as part of our application process.